Software Project Success Criteria and Why You Should Write Down


Software Project Success Criteria and Why You Should Write Down

Software developers discussing software project success criteria

You must have heard that writing down a clear problem statement is one of the most effective ways to find the solution to the problem. Writing down the problem not only gives you clarity of the problem but also helps you clearly articulate the areas that you need to stay focused on in order to find an effective solution to the problem. Software Architects and engineers often practice this and use this as a handy tool. Today, we’ll tell you how the software project success criteria and writing down a problem statement will help you in achieving project success.

We imagine and apply the same thought process for an entrepreneur trying to solve a complex business problem or facing multiple business challenges on a day-to-day basis trying to take his big business idea to the next level. It’s all about solving one after another problem and when you solve enough problems, there you are closer and closer to your goal. We also believe that being faced with many challenges at once can make things exceedingly difficult to handle and be able to stay focused.

Whether you are an entrepreneur facing similar challenges and may even be working with multiple developers who are building your big idea using software technology and tools or working with software developers on various technologies and tools to solve business problems, the end goal is the same. It is critical to note that irrespective of what industry or domain you are working in, the important thing to always remember is the definition of success.
Let’s understand this with an example to get a basic idea of the software project success criteria.

Let’s understand this with an example to get a basic idea of the software project success criteria.

Assuming you are an entrepreneur who is working on a project of building a SaaS product for your end customer. The goal of this product is to manage the sales process of your client in a better way and provides them with an interface to track and manage their leads.

But let’s assume that your existing product has a longer customer onboarding time. And hence you want to connect with a software development team to help you solve this problem and to reduce the customer onboarding time.

As the business owner, you must set a target for your team that clearly states the project success criteria. For instance, “The customer onboarding time should be reduced to under 30 seconds”.

Now when you write down the success criteria of your software technology project in a clear and concise statement, it becomes the guiding principle for your solution architects, software developers, and software maintenance team to achieve this goal and work on optimizing the key components that are part of the customer onboarding user story. Plus, you do not need to keep that in your head all the time once you have it written down on your project management board.

here are many other multiple benefits that we practice at The Nth Bit Labs and would also like to share them with you. We have seen our clients benefiting from writing down clear project success criteria. Read our case studies section to explore how we develop a robust software system and transform our client’s business.

Success Factors in Software Project Success Criteria

Today, we are going to tell you those major components of the project success criteria that help you in achieving project success.

key factors in making software project successful
  • Focus

    The first and most important aspect of project success criteria is the focus. It helps your team to move ahead in the right direction by achieving the efficiency of the project. The major components of project success criteria are cost, quality and time. This triple constraint in software project success criteria helps everyone in working efficiently and deliver the project on time.

    Focusing attention falls under the planning phase of the project. It is easier to work on a project when you know where you should specifically focus on. Staying focused on budget, timelines and goals helps your team to lay out the entire map of the project.

  • Defines Project Scope

    A project without a scope has a high probability of delay or failure of the project. Hence, it is always a good idea to identify the scope of the project before starting it. It gives a sense of direction to software architects and developers and keeps the entire team in alignment with the goal of the project.

    By defining the project scope, you can easily set the objective and timelines of the project. Defining the scope of the project beforehand offers you a fair idea of the result or the ultimate outcome.

  • Better Project Planning

    We firmly believe “action without a plan causes failure”. Without a solid plan of action, your team may go directionless. A plan works as a map that navigates your team throughout the project. Proper planning is very crucial in the project because it helps your team in completing the tasks and ensures that the project is successfully executed.

    Proper project planning ensures that every step in the project is given adequate time that helps the team to work with more focus and an opportunistic approach. A plan identifies, analyzes and prioritizes every possible event in the project. Therefore, it has the ability to foresee future challenges beforehand. With a full-proof plan, you can ensure the timely completion of the project efficiently.

  • Setting Priorities

    Setting priorities helps you greatly when you and your team are working on multiple projects at a time but have constrained resources. After measuring every aspect of the project, project managers set the task priorities that allow the entire team a fair idea of what has to be done on an urgent basis and what can be done later.

    Project prioritizing enables you to optimally allocate your resources accordingly and helps you in saving time, money and effort substantially. Prioritizing not only increases work inefficiency but also helps greatly in reducing the workload on your team and improves productivity.

  • Measurable Success

    It is not easy to evaluate whether the project is going right on track while it is still under process. Now, the question is how to figure out that your project is heading in the right direction. All you have to do is divide your project into different stages and set the goals at the end of each stage. These little goals help you in keeping track of the project’s progress.

    After measuring the result at the end of each stage of the project, you can finally measure the result at the end of the entire project. Measuring the project’s success is important because it gives your team learning insights and also helps them in future projects.

We, at The Nth Bit Labs, can help you in achieving your software project’s success criteria with our industry expertise and deep insights. Connect with us today to leverage our technical expertise to accelerate your business. Contact us at .


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