5 Questions You Should Ask Your Software Development Team


5 Questions You Should Ask Your Software Development Team

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A team can make or break any project’s success hence companies pay extra attention while hiring. Every business looks out for certain qualities while hiring a team of software developers. Handling a Software project is a complex task that requires a specific skill set and expertise. The right software development team has the potential to meet all project-related needs and requirements.

This article will discuss some of the prominent factors that will help you in finding the best software development team that manages your project and controls the situation before slipping it out of your hands. We will also help you in discovering some of the most suitable factors that ensure that you set the right foot ahead. Here is the list of 5 questions that you should ask your prospective software development team.

Questions You Should Ask Your Software Development Team

  • Are you agile? What is the software development methodology you follow?

    Agility is the one quality that you want in your software development team. Agility offers various opportunities for increasing team efficiency that eventually ends up in the successful completion of a project.

    An agile development team has the right expertise, skill set and subject knowledge to bring success to the software development process. It also promotes continuous collaboration among software developers to work on a project efficiently without any difficulty. Therefore, everyone stays on the same side of the page.

    Agile methodologies are prompt in responding to rapid changes in project requirements. Agile developers can easily develop a software product which can be constantly updated according to the market and consumer needs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your software development team uses agile methodologies while working on a project.

  • Are design patterns part of your everyday coding work?

    You should ask your prospective development team if they use design patterns in their everyday coding work. Design patterns are the process of solving complex and recurring software problems. It provides clarity and transparency in building complex software systems. Including design patterns in everyday coding work ensures that every problem can be solved in a more organised and fast manner.

    Design patterns are a sophisticated and organised way to develop software in a fast, reusable and extensive manner. It not only saves a lot of time but also streamlines effective communication with developers. It divides the complexity of the projects into simpler segments which are easy to understand, implement, modify and reuse.

    Therefore, make sure you ask this question before hiring your next software development team to achieve desired results.

  • Do you write unit tests?

    To ensure successful project delivery, you must ask your software development team if they write unit tests or not. Unit tests help software developers in finding bugs and fix them at the development stage. Moreover, writing unit tests also cover the code from potential failures. It allows developers to identify and fix the issues then and there, without taking the pain of going deep through the entire codebase.

    Unit tests also serve as documentation of your code and help others to understand the purpose and functions of your software. If your software team writes test units then they are practising good programming habits and have the ability to deliver a successful project.

  • Do you use any source code documentation tools?

    Before collaborating with any software development team, always ensure that they write source code documentation. Writing a clear technical documentation copy eliminates all the possibilities of ambiguity in the projects. Source code documentation is an essential part of the development process because it not only just makes the process a lot faster but also makes it easier for everyone in the team to understand project complexity.

    Now that you have confirmed that your team writes source code documentation, it is time to ask what kind of source code documentation tools they use. JSDoc, Postman, and Swagger UI are some of the most prominent documentation tools that make the process a lot faster and easier.

  • Do you perform regular code reviews by your peers?

    A regular code review plays a crucial role in the software development process, without it your project never fulfils the project success criteria. Code review by peers is one of the best ways to detect errors and bugs that may be missed if you review your own code. There are higher chances of irregular formatting and code inconsistency detection when reviews are done by peers.

    Code reviews also ensure the high quality of the project and monitor it throughout the entire development process. A well-defined code review process enhances the functionality and logic of the code.

    In conclusion, it is very important to hire dedicated software development team to scale your business digitally. Now that you know how to select the best software development team for your project, let’s also suggest you one of the best and most dedicated software development teams,The Nth Bit Labs.


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